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深圳市缤纷玖玖科技(BINFEN99 TECH)有限公司主要为大多数型号的斑马(Zebra), 摩托罗拉(Motorola),Symbol, Honeywell 和 Intermec 品牌提供一站式配件,例如LCD屏幕,触摸屏,保护膜,激光扫描引擎,按键挡板,按键覆盖层,小键盘,小键盘模块,完整的套外壳,触发器,主板,柔性电缆,连接器,电池,充电器,手写笔同时欢迎来样定制.

Shenzhen Binfen99 Technology Co.,Ltd mainly supply spare parts and accessories for Zebra, Motorola, Symbol and Honeywell. which includes: LCD screen, touch screen, protective film,  laser scanning engine, key bezel, key cover, keypad, keypad module, complete housing, trigger, motherboard, flexible cable, connector, battery, charger, stylus,etc. Welcome OEM or ODM as sample requirements.

warmly welcome to cooperate with us, we will be better if you join us!

why choose us?

  1. 我们有十年以上的技术经验, 在模具质量的把控上非常严格,注重品质管理.  Over 10 years technology experienc, strictly control on the mould opening and detail parts quality .
  2. 提供客户定制服务, 按客户要求开模设计开发. we can supply customized services, mould design as customized requirements
  3. 合作建立在共赢的基础上, 任何一方利益的受损都在导致合作的结束, 打算长期合作的客户可以选择我们, 值不值得信赖可以在日后的合作中见证 all cooperation based on win-win, any side of benefits lost will lead to cooperation stopped, if you are sincere and want a reliable partner in China, you can try to cooperate with us. Time is a good witness.

根据多年与外商合作的经验, 有些客户也会采购其它的中国产品, 但是找不到好的货源, 我们也会提供其它的有质量保证的产品供应商, 您只需支付少量佣金, 也可提供代检货发货. According to long years experiences with foreign businessman, some buyers purchase lots of goods in China, but dont find good suppliers, we can share some good reliable suppliers to you, if you want to ship together, you just pay us some time costs commissions.

what the troubles you are making now?


  1. 找不到合适的配件? can not find the suitable goods
  2. 找不到新的替代品? can not find the new replaced goods?
  3.   找不到新的可靠的替代供应商? can not find the new niche partner?

what are you thinking about?


  1. 钱不多但是又想给自己带来不错的收益 no much more money but wanna bring good income
  2. 东西简单, 利润高, 售后服务又简单 simple goods, high profit and simple after-service
  3. 库存稳定,质量又稳定 stable inventory and stale quality
  4. 没有太多竞争力 no many competitors.


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